Mobile Repair

No matter what mobile device you use - iPhone, iPad,SmartPhone, Android, Tablet....we can fix your smartphone, cell phone- or mobile device! It also doesn't matter which carrier you are with - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. we have you covered. And with most of our repairs, we can have your phone fixed and out the door the same day for as little as $30!

Phone insurance can cost you hundreds of dollars over the life of your phone and you might not even use it! Save your money and headaches by repairing your phone for a fraction of the cost. Our certified smartphone repair staff is trained and certified to the highest standards - our professional repair services are as good as your insurance protection but AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!

Tablet/Smartphone / Phone Repair Services

Some of our smartphone / Phone repair services include:

  • Charging port repairs
  • Battery replacements
  • Cracked or defective screens
  • Audio issues (earpiece, microphone, speaker, audio jack repair or vibrator)
  • Button repairs
  • Water damage
  • Camera replacement repairs